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We offer only original high-quality fake passports, driver’s licenses, ID Cards, VISA, stamps and other products for following countries: Australia real id, Belgium Real id, Brazil Real id, Canada Real id, Finland real id, France Real id, Germany Real id, Ireland Real id, Italy Real id, Malaysia fake id, Netherlands fake id, Norway fake id, Spain fake id, Sweden fake id, Switzerland fake id,UK fake id, USA fake id and some others.

Anyone can have or own a NOVELTY/FAKE document. What you do with it is up to you. Sometimes you just need to have a novelty document for entertainment or whatever(Some Security Purposes are necessary). We do not condone anything you do with the Fake/Novelty documents that may be illegal. Please use your own judgement. It becomes ILLEGAL when you try to legally use any of the Fake or Novelty documents. For example; Traveling with a Fake Passport. The Fake passport will not pass any airport scan checks and you will be held for using a Fake document. But if we produce you a REAL DOCUMENT, then you have all the Rights to Legally use it because the Real document will be Authentic and Genuine and it will pass all security or data checks. All our Real Documents are LEGAL and for security and production reasons.

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